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Portable toilets services

No matter how advanced our society has become there are still some situations in which indoor plumbing is not a viable option for a number of reasons. However, nature still calls and we need a clean and sanitary place to go to the bathroom. For instance, construction companies working on remote job sites require facilities for their workers to use. Or perhaps a music festival is taking place in a wide open field on the property of a large farm. Concertgoers surely need to be accommodated as well.

Obviously, it is not feasible to install plumbing in these types of scenarios. However, a solution is needed to make them possible. That is where Jimmy’s Johns Portable Toilets LLC of Umatilla, OR comes in to provide that solution. We serve Umatilla, OR and the entire Hermiston, OR metro area with our portable toilet rental and service.

Jimmy's Johns Portable Toilets LLC

P.O. Box 939
Umatilla, OR 97882

Phone: (541) 571-3567
Fax: (541) 922-1621

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Jimmy John’s Portable Toilets LLC, Utamilla, OR offers portable toilets for all needs including special events and construction sites.Jimmy's Johns Portable Toilets LLC

Services extended to Richland, Kennewick & Pasco. Call us at (509) 947-4569.